Magento Go admin theme

Installing the Magento Go admin theme:
As you might know, Magento released a new version called Magento Go some time ago; it is a hosted e-commerce solution for small businesses.If you have tried it, you will know that the admin panel has a custom skin that is very modern and clean, as shown in the following screenshot:

magento go theme

Johan Reinke, a French PHP developer, has created a perfect copy of the Magento Go admin theme and published it for free on GitHub. You can find the full article about this theme on his blog at An extension is available on GitHub in the master branch at

The installation is very simple and quick; you only need to download the extension
and upload it into your store root by using the following steps:
1. Disable the Inchoo AdminTheme extension that may conflict with this module.
2. Download the extension URL from the GitHub repository.
3. Extract the files into your Magento root.
4. Refresh the cache.

Once installed, you can see that a custom Magento login panel is also present, as you
can see in the following screenshot:


So if you want a better-looking admin panel but don’t have time or desire to customize the admin panel for each client, downloading and including the Magento Go admin panel theme extension is a great way to update the look of the Magento admin panel for your end user without consuming too much time or effort on your part.

In this chapter, you learned how to customize the backend of Magento. By editing the design of the backend, you can give custom style to the administrative area of Magento, creating a unique style and giving added value to the template.

In the next chapter, we will reorganize the whole theme, collecting all the files that we created from the beginning, to create a zip file that is ready to be distributed.We will also see how to sell it on ThemeForest (,making some extra money at one the most popular theme marketplaces!


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