3. Andrea Saccàs personal experience

My personal experience:
I would like to share my personal experience. The frst time I sent the theme Emphasis to the ThemeForest team, the review team there loved it; however, for some reason, they did not accept it because there were some concerns regarding the copyright issues with the brands used in the theme.So, I corrected the problems indicated by the team and then submitted the theme again. After those small modifcations, my theme was approved. Emphasis made 60 sales between October 2013 and March 2014. A good result for the frst theme! A few months after the Emphasis theme publication on ThemeForest, the Envato team selected my theme to include it into a special e-commerce bundle pack. This was another very good occasion and I had the opportunity to earn some extra money with that special event.

The eCommerce Sampler Pack included four themes for four of your favorite e-commerce platforms; mine included the following:
• WooCommerce
• Magento
• Opencart
• Prestashop
The Emphasis theme was selected to represent the Magento category. I was really surprised with this occasion and I earned a lot of popularity in the marketplace.

Now the pack is complete; you can see the landing page created for it at http://go.themeforest.net/the-ecommerce-sampler-pack/.

This is only to let you understand that sooner or later, the effort you put in to create a theme will be paid for. So if you do a great work, you have a great possibility of gaining a lot with ThemeForest and other marketplaces

Theme pricing:
The theme pricing is decided by the review team. Consider that the pricing of Magento themes start from $80 on ThemeForest and are the most expensive items on the marketplace.Also, consider that you will not earn the full quoted price of the theme; ThemeForest will initially give you a commission of 50 percent that will increase based on the sales. You can see the actual commission rate table at

You can also consider the possibility of selling the theme in other marketplaces too; however, the commission will decrease to 30 percent

So the more you sell, the more you earn. You may think that this is not very fair, but this is the easiest way to start selling your creations and getting some extra money for your work.

Inserting the theme on the Magento Connect site:
Another great channel where you can distribute and publicize the theme is the Magento Connect website. This site is the place where you can fnd free and premium extensions and themes for Magento. The sales will not be through this website, but you have to share the link to the theme page of ThemeForest.The following screenshot shows what the Magento Connect website looks like

Register an account and then you will have the option to upload your extension with all the details using a form similar to the one used by ThemeForest. The item must be approved by the team, and only then can it be found on the website. The approvals take about 48 hours and the price is the cost of the extension that you can fnd in your theme page.
You can also consider selling the theme without going through a marketplace such as ThemeForest; in this case, you can set your own price in Magento Connect.

Support and updates
A parenthesis needs to be done on the support and on the updates of the theme. Keep in mind that your theme will be visited and bought by a lot of people. They may fnd some issues or problems that you can solve or help to solve.Fixing the bugs and adding new features Reserve some extra time to collect all the bug fxes and release all the updates for the theme once in a month. This will ensure that the theme is always updated and that users can rely on your products and services.To do this, you can collect some bugs and fx them in the current version of the theme; once fxed, repackage the fles and resubmit the new ZIP fle in the marketplace.To maintain a report of the modifcations you make for each version, you can
create a fle called changelog.txt and add all the fxes or the new features in the following manner:
Version 1.1 (September 6, 2013)
– FIX: Minor Css bugs fixed
– FIX: Top Cart Background fix
– FIX: Responsive Menu
– FIX: Fixed bug in Google font selector
– FIX: Mobile Account links made like Flags and currency dropdown
– NEW: Animated Scroll to top on top Cart click for better user experience
– NEW: Animated Scroll to top on Menu click for better user experience
Version 1.0 (September 1, 2013) – Initial release Through this fle, both the fnal user and you will have a report of all the improvements you make to the theme.The update approval of ThemeForest usually takes about 24 hours, and the users who buy the theme can choose to be notifed when the theme is uploaded through their account. In this way, the users will be notifed once the theme is updated

Now you have the key to start creating a powerful theme for the most-used e-commerce CMS of the world. You can create a theme from scratch with the powerful framework Bootstrap and make it responsive.You also learned how to distribute it on the most important marketplaces, and now, I hope that you can test and create your very own theme for your customer or sell it on the marketplace and become one of the best Magento theme designers! In the appendix that follows, you will fnd all the references and resources used in the theme.Thank you for reading and keep designing and coding!


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