2. Creating the documentation of the theme

Now you have a working demo and the theme pack installation ready. Before submitting the theme to be sold, or giving the theme to the fnal user/customer,it is good practice to send a detailed documentation along with the theme.The documentation must contain all the instructions to install the theme, the code for the static blocks, and an FAQ section. The documentation is very important and needs to be well written and organized to increase the chances for the theme to be accepted by marketplaces such as ThemeForest. In fact, if the documentation is not good or the theme is not well documented, there are a lot of possibilities of it being rejected.It is recommended that the designer have an editor or a copyeditor proofread the theme’s documentation for a polished, professional end result. Most coders and designers aren’t perfect writers, so getting an extra pair of eyes to make sure all the commas and apostrophes are in place would be a good idea.

[If the documentation is accurate and detailed, you will receive less support requests from the users, and the users will be happy to find all the instructions along with the theme.]

To create good documentation and make sure the help documentation is in a fle format readable by all operating systems and devices, you can create a PDF, HTML, and TXT fle that are preferred, say, .docx.To speed up this process, you can use a preset HTML template that will help you write an organized fle.Let us discuss the two different theme documentation fles that you can use.

The Documenter tool:
Documenter is a great tool to generate custom documentation fles with the capability of customizing the template and many other features. You can fnd the tool at http://revaxarts-themes.com/documenter/ and the following is a screenshot of what the Documenter page looks like

Insert all the theme information, as shown in the following screenshot, along with the full documentation on how to install the theme and all the features that are included in the theme:


By setting up some options, you can create your own style. For example, you can create a custom documentation with the color scheme of the theme: orange, black, and white. The fnal result is shown in the following screenshot:


Some tips to write better documentation:
After you download the source fles, you can open and edit them as you want by adding the section of your choice. The documentation needs to be clear and easy to navigate. You can create a well-organized fle by dividing it into the following sections:
• Start
• Introduction
• Installing the theme
• The theme options panel
• Importing static CMS blocks
• Editing or restoring CMS blocks
• Confguring the home pageChapter 10
• Confguring the products in the home page
• Editing the theme
• Updating the Theme
• Support
• Change log
• Credits

Packaging the theme:
After you create a well-organized piece of documentation, ZIP everything and the theme is ready to be distributed.Sometimes, in the pack, you need to insert the mockup of the theme, or if you prefer, only some features such as the product list, the logo, and so on. So, create an additional folder where you can include all the graphics source fles.To complete the pack, name the folder that must be distributed with the theme name and the theme version. This will help to keep you organized with the feature releases
of the theme. For example, you can create the folder BookStore_theme_v1 and you can organize the content with the following folders:
• Theme
• Documentation
• Mockup

Selling the theme on ThemeForest:
As you know, ThemeForest is the most popular marketplace where you can sell professional themes and get some extra money. To sell a theme, you need to perform the following simple steps:
1.First, create an account and pass a simple test to check if you understood the conditions of the site.
2.Once you create an account and are ready to sell, open the Upload page, as shown in the following screenshot, from your account menu at the top:


3.On this page, shown as follows, you have to select the category where you want to upload the theme; in our case, we will select the eCommerce category:


4.In the next step, you need to insert all the theme information, such as the Name and Description:


As you can see from the tip, the name of the theme must have maximum 50 characters.You can use a name such as BookStore Responsive Magento theme.You need to think of a name that reassumes the theme concept and the main features.Think of it with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques
in mind, because the keyword you use will also appear on the search engines.For example, try to search Magento Responsive Theme on Google. Actually, this was the frst theme I created while I was writing this book, which is on the ThemeForest Marketplace on the frst page of Google. This is because I used some SEO techniques while writing the title and the description.


5.In the next section, you need to insert all the fles. As you can see in the following screenshot of the theme, you can upload the zip fle you created (Bookstore_Theme_1.zip):


6.Then, you need to upload all the fles including the theme ZIP fle and a custom image to represent the theme that will be the cover of the ThemeForest item page. For example, you can create a custom cover to represent the theme features, as shown in the following screenshot:


7.Next, you need to insert all the theme specifcations. Fill in all the fles and select all the options, and fnally, submit the theme.In a few hours, you will get an answer from the ThemeForest team; if everything is done well, the team will accept the theme and you are ready to make money!


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