Useful websites on Magento:

In this section, you can fnd a lot of interesting articles about Magento development,Magento design, and free extensions.

Excellence Magento blog:
This is the blog of Manish Prakash, a Magento and mobile app developer.His blog is full of interesting tutorials and articles on Magento development.Check out at

Fabrizio Branca blog
Fabrizio Branca is a certifed developer, and he released a number of free extensions to boost up your Magento, especially the cache.You can fnd all the free extensions he created at

Bubble codes by Johann Reinke
In this website blog, you can fnd interesting articles and resources related to Magento as well as the free Magento Go admin theme.You can check this out at

Inchoo’s blog
Inchoo is a web company specialized in Magento and they own a blog full of useful information, tips, and free modules that you can use for your project and to understand a lot of things about Magento development, e-commerce-related marketing, and Magento custom free and useful extensions.You can fnd the blog at

Tuts plus Magento tutorials
If you are looking for some other neat, simple tutorials on Magento and Magento design, you can fnd some interesting articles when you go to the Tuts plus website and search for Magento.You can access all the Magento articles at

Smashing magazine
Smashing magazine is an online magazine for web designers and developers.Here too, you can fnd a lot of articles about Magento. You can access this at

Free resources for design, UI, and web design
There have a few links about design, responsive design, and other interesting topics.

UI – UIX resources:
Ux news:

Social media
The following is a useful link that can be used for reference:
• AddThis social media:

Free resources
The following are some useful links that can be used for reference:
• Free mockup to present your theme:
• Freebies bug:
• Pixeden:

In this book, we have seen how to create and develop a responsive Magento theme with custom widgets and the custom admin theme panel. We have also seen how to customize the admin theme to make it look better and similar to the front end.The responsive web design is very important, especially during a time like this, when mobile devices are constantly developing and being disseminated, and purchases via smartphones are increasing. If you improve and learn how to do this in the better way, you can offer very high quality services to your clients.I hope you found this guide useful and that it has offered you the fundamental knowledge to be able to continue your work and realize some fantastic Magento themes.

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