My brothers and sisters the nikah how should it take place.It must be simple very simple. We must not try to compete with the Joneses. You know that family had a very big nikah with 2,000 guests. So we want to have with 3,000 guests that family gave this gift we want to have that. You know you are making it difficult and complicated. Make sure you understand it is religious function. It’s not a social function understand that. It is a function that is sacred and this why that is held because the pleasure of Allah alone. Nikah is actually an act of worship, we need to have them according to the Quran and Sunnah and the teaching of the prophet mohammad (s). You know people who get together music is blasting men and women are they bright. Everything happened so many cultural items which are really taken from other religions. Who sometimes is very religious the day she is getting married her hair is showing her cleavage is showing her legs are showing, she’s sitting in front of all the men and the husband comes in he’s supposed to be religious person but even he chooses clothes that do not depict any religious at all. He’s sitting in front of everyone and everyone is taking pictures and congratulating them and all the young boys and girls. Where a men has seen a women at his own marriage prettier than his wife so he divorced his wife to marry that women. Wallahi i am not telling you a lie. it is a true story look at this. Why because we don’t do our things properly.

When you have had a proper marriage then you need to realize that Allah will come to the assistance of the particular people so this is the gift of Allah. Where have people who have abandoned the law of Allah for those few hours of the walimah they paying for it late on in life unless they engage in Toba. Sometimes we who are married we did it the wrong way sometimes, so how do you mend that. Allah says by engaging in istegfar O Allah we did it wrong way Allah please forgive us.

My brothers and sisters it is a religious function do it correctly. I call upon you really to have your functions of nikah correct way. No matter what challenges you may face in terms of people saying. if it separated i’m not going to come while my brother i have invited you, You want to come, come. You don’t want to come don’t come but I want the angels of mercy to be there so if i am going to keep it mixed there the angels won’t come remember that.

Mufti Menk


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