Mastering Theme

Andrea Saccà:
After his studies in Graphic and Web Design in Rome, he worked for a few renowned web agencies as a web designer, and in 2012, he started his freelance career. After two years of freelancing, he started his own web agency, 1604lab ( in Rome.

Mastering Idea:
1.It is absolutely important to know that you must not create a theme under the base package. you should create a custom package and place the  themes inside it.

2.Directory 1 – app
This directory contains the layout, translation, and template files. Various page types and blocks within each page type are defined in respective XML files. Using XML, you can also incorporate CSS files or JavaScript either to be loaded throughout the site or for specific pages.

3.The layout sub-directory
Each page, part, and block of the theme is defined by an XML file. Every page is defined by a handle. For the layout, there is no need to duplicate every single XML file to change appearance of a block; just insert a JavaScript file or CSS file. In fact, with the exception of template files, we can create a single XML file where we can declare all the information that will add or override information of the basic theme.

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