Regular Expression

A regular expression is a system used in programming for pattern matching. 
It could be used to text search and replacing. 

/./ Matche each and every single character

/\d+/ Matche any kind of digit one or more

/\w/ Matche anything a-z, 0-9, _

/\s/ Matche every space

/[a-z]+[3-9]+/ Character Set for matching

/(\.in)?/ Basically it's for optional. Question mark to check whether 
it is or not of the preceding token

Look Around:
? mark is not going to include in the result
= sign is going to match
! sign is not going to match

	example: Lookbehind
		price is $500
		price is €600
		(?<=€)   Positive Lookbehind
		(?<![$]) Negative Lookbehind
	example: Lookahead
		(?=\.com) Positive Lookahead
		(?!\.com) Negative Lookahead

/com$/    $ match at last of the line
/^com/    ^ match at starting point of the line
/com\b/   b/ boundary of the line. it's serach for starting and the end


Sublime 3

Multiple Same Word Selection:
select and then ctr+d
ctr + mouse click 

Code Formating:
	Menually: Edit > Line > Reindent

	For key set:
		Preferences > key bindings
					"keys" : ["ctrl+shift+r"],
					"command" : "reindent"

	when you paste something just do:

Sublime Package:
Install Package
	1. Emmet package
	2. SideBarEnhancements
	3. All AutoComplete
	4. Syntax Highlighting for Sass
	5. CodeFormatter

Amazing Emmet for Sublime. Just do it and hit the tab

Laravel Package:
Install Package
	1. Blade Snippets
	2. Laravel Blade Highlighter

Wordpress Package:
Install Package
	1. WordPress
	2. WooCommerce Autocomplete

JQuery Package:
Install Package	
	1. JQuery

How to create virtual host in local machine

xampp > apache > conf > extra > httpd-vhosts.conf
line 20 you can see ##NameVirtualHost *:80
just remove ##
then add following code in 27 line

<VirtualHost *:80>
	DocumentRoot "e:/xampp/htdocs/folderName/public"
	ServerName folderName

then notepad Run as administrator file > open > (c:) > Windows > 
System32 > drivers > etc > hosts
add this folderName

then restart xampp server Apache

now you can see http://folderName