Why is having a single heading H1 tag important for SEO?

Headings help Google grasp the main topic of a post. If you have multiple H1 tags, Google might get confused. A proper heading structure is also very important for your readers to understand the structure of your post.

Do you want to improve your H1?

If you use H1 tags in the body of your text, we advise moving it to the top of your text. Find all H1s in your text that aren’t your main title and change them to a lower heading level. An H1 is the title of your page or blog post, and you should only use it once per article.  Other headings can be used more than once, as long as they are structured hierarchically.


Regular Expression

A regular expression is a system used in programming for pattern matching. 
It could be used to text search and replacing. 

/./ Matche each and every single character

/\d+/ Matche any kind of digit one or more

/\w/ Matche anything a-z, 0-9, _

/\s/ Matche every space

/[a-z]+[3-9]+/ Character Set for matching

/(\.in)?/ Basically it's for optional. Question mark to check whether 
it is or not of the preceding token

Look Around:
? mark is not going to include in the result
= sign is going to match
! sign is not going to match

	example: Lookbehind
		price is $500
		price is €600
		(?<=€)   Positive Lookbehind
		(?<![$]) Negative Lookbehind
	example: Lookahead	
		(?=\.com) Positive Lookahead
		(?!\.com) Negative Lookahead

/com$/    $ match at last of the line
/^com/    ^ match at starting point of the line
/com\b/   b/ boundary of the line. it's serach for starting and the end


Sublime 3

Multiple Same Word Selection:
select and then ctr+d
ctr + mouse click 

Code Formating:
	Menually: Edit > Line > Reindent

	For key set:
		Preferences > key bindings
					"keys" : ["ctrl+shift+r"],
					"command" : "reindent"

	when you paste something just do:

Sublime Package:
Install Package
	1. Emmet package
	2. SideBarEnhancements
	3. All AutoComplete
	4. Syntax Highlighting for Sass
	5. CodeFormatter

Amazing Emmet for Sublime. Just do it and hit the tab

Laravel Package:
Install Package
	1. Blade Snippets
	2. Laravel Blade Highlighter

Wordpress Package:
Install Package
	1. WordPress
	2. WooCommerce Autocomplete

JQuery Package:
Install Package	
	1. JQuery

How to create virtual host in local machine

xampp > apache > conf > extra > httpd-vhosts.conf
line 20 you can see ##NameVirtualHost *:80
just remove ##
then add following code in 27 line

<VirtualHost *:80>
	DocumentRoot "e:/xampp/htdocs/folderName/public"
	ServerName folderName

then notepad Run as administrator file > open > (c:) > Windows > 
System32 > drivers > etc > hosts
add this folderName

then restart xampp server Apache

now you can see http://folderName